Lufkin urologist use steam treatment to treat prostates

Lufkin urologist use steam treatment to treat prostates


An East Texas urologist is using a new procedure that can help men who suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

BPH is a common condition among men that has a new, no so common treatment.

“Virtually 50% of men over the age 50 have symptoms of an enlarged prostate,” East Texas urologist Specialist, Dr. David Price said.

It's called Rezum, and as its name alludes, it can help resume a man's urinary life.

“This is an office based procedure which uses the energy stored in a few drops of water that's released into the prostate in the form of water vapor or steam,” Price said. “Within the tissue, the steam moves between the cells and kills the cells of the prostate. On average patients receive about four 9 second treatments and this targets the enlarged areas of the prostate that are blocking their flow of urine.”

Price is the only urologist from East Texas to Dallas to perform the new procedure. Rezum eliminates the need for medications and for surgical treatment of the prostate.

"It was so cutting edge,” patient, Wayne Roberson said. “Every step was new or different.

"It’s gone through all the safety studies and it has been shown to be very effective and safe,” Price said.

“After biopsies, and treatments, the problem just got worse and worse,” Patient, Joe Penn said. “It was kind of embarrassing at times. I didn’t get a lot of sleep at night. After this treatment, within a week or so, I started to see improvement."

"It's been a God send to me,” Patient, Maxey Kirkley said. “For instance last night, I slept the whole night.”

Not every man with PBH qualifies for Rezum.

"We have to do a couple of test to find out if they are candidates,” Price said. “Their prostates need to be a certain size, they can't be too small or too large."

Although this procedure is new to the U.S. it has already received great reviews.

"I wouldn't hesitate to have the procedure done again because of the increase in quality of life, Roberson said.

"I sleep all night, that's the best part,” Penn said. “Plus I don't have to take a change of clothes when I go off on a trip."

Price said the best thing you can do is get tested as soon as possible to see if you have BPH.

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